> Networked CCTV (TCP/IP)
Remote Access and Documentation

As most of the test sites are using a LAN, we also offer camera systems that are accessed and controlled via TCP/IP
In this case the camera or controller has an Ethernet interface that is connected to the LAN. If our video control SW is installed on a PC, You may access the camera via this SW from any location within the net work.
The Audivo video control software, allows you to view up to 4 cameras on one screen. The access can be limited to special defined users.
The IP access gives the tools to store screen shots for documentation on the local HDD of the PC.

Audivo has specific software for both analogue and HD systems. This allows you to record and take snap shots, during testing. Please refer to the software link for further details.

For complex testing environments we also offer custom developments and modifications.

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