> foBroadR (Automotive)
foBRoardR (Automotive)

– 100Base-T1 (BroadR-Reach) Automotive version
– 100Base-TX  or 100Base-T1 connection
– Converter 100Base-T1 to 100Base-TX
– EMC compliant to CISPR 25, Class5

– RF-Immunity: Antenna radiated 200 V/m, 200 MHz – 18GHz, ISO11452-2, CW, AM, PM / Stripline 200 V/m, 10 – 1 GHz, ISO11452-5, CW, AM, PM
– Emission: EMC compliant to CISPR25 Class 5, 150 k – 4 GHz
– Battery (approx. 8 hours operation) or mains powered
– Compact metal housing
– No galvanic connection between test equipment and measurement instruments
– ACK and network speed indication
– Battery version: fast charge, long operation, also for 1 GBit/s
– On Request: a special version with 4 x Ethernet ports is available

– One set consists of two converter units
– All interfaces are shipped with the appropriate power supply or battery and charger.
– Fibre optic cables: variable lengths ST/FSMA-connector or ST/ST-connector
– FO-Patches (Feed Through wall Patches)

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