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HD Controllers

High definition (HD) cameras require controllers that can handle the high speed digital signals needed to transfer the high resolution videos in an uncompressed format (HD-SDI), which is displayed on the local monitor.

The controllers convert the optical signals coming from the cameras to electrical signals and allow control of all features of the cameras such as zoom, focus, P/T. Each controller has an output for an HDMI monitor per camera and also an output of the HD-Signal as received from the camera.

The controllers offer a range of options that include manual iris control and LAN interface. All controllers with LAN interface are equipped with an industrial grade PC. PONTIS has developed a special SW for this application (PECOS). The LAN option is especially useful for documentation (integrated video recorder, snapshots) and the cameras can be controlled from any PC in the network just by using a browser.
Controllers are available for one to three cameras (coming soon: up to four).

– Compatible with PONTIS EMC HD cameras
– Fibre optic transmission of video and control signals
– Support of multiple cameras per controller
– Manual control of cameras
– Extended features: manual iris control, including wide dynamic range, long exposure , image stabiliser

– LAN option:
· with integrated PC
· digital video recorder
· remote viewing and control via browser

PONTIS EMC is a brand of